Single Stream Recycling

by Mundea

Single Stream Recycling Services

Whether you manage waste at a bakery, bar, educational facility, hospital, hotel, restaurant or supermarket, recycling is a great way to reduce your organization's environmental footprint and reduce costs on waste management and trash collection services.

Recyclable materials include bottles and cans, cardboard, glass, plastics, aluminum and other metals.

Recycle More in Baltimore

In Baltimore, small businesses that have enrolled into Mundea's Recycling Management Services have drastically reduced trash weight and volume by diverting recyclable materials from the landfill. As a result, customer have reported savings of on average $2,000 per year, on their Trash Pickup Services and overall waste management costs.

Single Stream Recycling collection pickup and frequency is dependent on your neighborhood and varies from one time per week up to daily recycling pickup.

Single Stream & Cardboard Recycling Services

Next to Single Stream Recycling Services, Mundea also offers Cardboard Recycling Services. There are multiple benefits to recycling cardboard separately.

First, cardboard takes up a lot of space if intermixed with other materials, whether it be trash or other recyclables. Mundea's Cardboard Recycling Services allows customers to separate and flatten cardboard in a dedicated container. This clears up space in the Single Stream Recycling or, for those that are not recycling, trash containers. Secondly, separating cardboard reduces contamination thereby improving the quality and value of the end-product: recycled cardboard.

Our recycling collection services are a simple and efficient way to dispose of your clean, recyclable waste, which provides a cost-effective solution for you to manage your organization's recycling waste and comply with local regulations and legislation. In the process, your organization reduces its environmental footprint as well as its overall waste management costs.

If you would like to would like to learn more or enroll in our Single Stream Recycling Services Program, please feel free to Contact Us at Mundea.

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