Food Donations

by Mundea

Food Donations to the Maryland Food Bank

If you sell or produce food, such as a bakery, hospital, hotel or restaurant, school, college or university, supermarket and have edible and excess food, donating food may be an excellent way to divert waste and support your local community.

Aside from the immediate benefits to your community, donating food allows food producers to improve internal food operations, reduce food waste and take advantage of Federal Tax Benefits.

Food Donations by Bakeries, Restaurants and Hotels

Mundea helps organizations connect to the Maryland Food Bank, a non-profit that provides a state-wide network of thousands of community partners who help fight hunger. Volunteers may come per regular schedule or on-demand  to pick up your food donations.

Maryland Food Bank's app MealConnect allows organizations that have enrolled in the Food Donation Program to enter the donated items and preferred pickup times.

Federal Tax Benefits & Lower Trash Hauling Costs

Aside from supporting your local community, organizations that have enrolled in the Food Donation Program may take advantage of financial benefits.

First, eligible organizations may take a Charitable Tax Deduction for donations of fit and wholesome food to non-profit charitable organizations that help the community. Second, donating food reduces trash weight and volume, which allows organizations to lower their trash hauling costs when enrolled in Mundea's Trash Collection Services. For more information, please visit Feeding America and NRDC.

Good Samaritan Law

Food donors are protected by The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act (“Good Samaritan Act”). The Good Samaritan Act is a federal law aimed at “encouraging the donation of food and grocery products to nonprofit organizations for distribution to needy individuals” by providing a national standard of liability protection for both food donors and the nonprofits accepting these donations.

Questions About Food Donations?

If you have any questions about Food Donations, Charitable Tax Deductions or would like to know how to set up a Food Donation Program, please feel free to Contact Us at Mundea.

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