Compost Collection Services

by Mundea

Compost Collection Services

Mundea's Compost Collection Management Services allows organizations such as bakeries, bars, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities and supermarkets to divert food- and organic waste, reduce its environmental footprint and save money on its trash collection costs.

Next to environmental benefits, most organizations that have enrolled into Mundea's Compost Collection Services have improved their internal operations and seen a reduction in overall food waste.

As a result, enrolling in Mundea's Compost Collection Services not only lowers your environmental footprint, but can also be an excellent way to improve internal operations and save money.

Commercial Food Waste Collection

In Baltimore, food waste is collected up to 3 times per week. The compost collection schedule and frequency is tailor-made to your organization and dependent on the food- and organic waste being produced, available space in your trash area, waste management budget and other factors.

After the organic waste has been collected, it is hauled to the compost facility in Prince George's County where it is composted.

At times, organic waste is donated to a local compost facility. For example, The Daily Grind in Fell's Point, Baltimore donates its coffee grounds to The Great Kids Farm in Catonsville, Maryland. At the farm, the coffee grounds supplement the existing compost operation. Composting locally is a great way to keep precious resources such as organic waste, and jobs, local.

From Compost Collection to Supporting Local Causes

After setting up the best way to collect food waste in dedicated containers, such as bins, dumpsters or compactors, organic- and food waste is collected and disposed of at a compost facility. Most of the organic waste that has been collected and processed is then sold by the compost facility through local vendors.

Every year, organizations that have enrolled in Mundea's Compost Collection Services Program may donate finished compost to a local cause. For example in 2020, Clavel Mezcaleria donated finished compost to a local tree restoration project in Baltimore.

What is Compostable?

The general rule of thumb is: "Everything that once lived, can be composted." Organic waste includes food scraps, sea food, waxed paper, pizza boxes and certified compostable materials.

If you would like to enroll or learn more about Mundea's Compost Collection Services, please feel free to Contact Us at Mundea.

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