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Waste Management Solutions for Bakeries

Mundea has tailor-made waste management solutions for bakeries.

Bakeries produce fresh products, such as bread, on a daily basis. Edible, left-over food may be donated to local food banks. Food- and organic waste may be composted.

Bakeries may optimize space by separating and flattening cardboard through our Cardboard Recycling Program. Other recyclables, such as glass, plastics, aluminum and other metals may be recycled.

Bakeries that would like to reduce smell, limit rodent issues, save space and improve the overall appearance of the trash area, may choose to enroll in our Daily Trash Collection Services.

Waste Diversion Programs for Bakeries

Mundea's integrated waste management approach towards bakeries allows bakeries to divert most of the waste generated:

Save Money on Waste Management Costs

Bakeries that have enrolled in our Integrated Waste Management Programs have seen real cost reductions through a combination of low-cost waste diversion programs and lower trash collection rates.

Eligible bakeries also enjoy Federal Tax Credits when donating food to the Maryland Food Bank.

One Point of Contact

Bakeries enjoy one point of contact to manage all waste management services.

Whether enrolled in Daily Trash Collection, Cardboard Recycling Services, Single Stream Recycling, Food Waste Collection, Food Donations, would like to order compostable bags or need a Bulk Trash Pickup, just text your dedicated Customer Success Manager and it will be taken care of. No more waiting in line!

To see how Mundea can help your bakery save money on waste management, please feel free to Contact Us.

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