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Bakeries produce fresh products, such as bread, on a daily basis producing food- and organic waste in the process.

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Bars can save the most by diverting recyclables, such as glass, aluminum and cardboard.

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Hotels that serve meals may be able to donate excess food to the Maryland Food Bank. Any food or other organic waste can be diverted by composting.

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Hospitals produce large amounts of waste that can be recycled, composted or donated. A proper integrated waste management is key for optimized waste management.

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Mundea's waste audits have shown that restaurants can divert more than 80% of their waste stream and subsequently save a lot of money.

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Schools & Universities

Schools, Colleges & Universities have an inconsistent flow of waste due to breaks and holidays. On-demand pickup can optimize pickups and savings.

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Supermarkets produce large volumes of often recyclable or compostable waste. A proper set-up and on-demand pickups are key to optimizing a supermarket's waste pickups.

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We realize your business objectives with our tailor-made solutions. Mundea is committed to taking care of your company's waste in the most optimal way. Our waste disposal services make your business more environmentally friendly in a simple, cost effective and efficient fashion.

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“We've saved over $2,000 per year on our garbage collection costs. Our trash area is much cleaner, because we have daily pickup now."
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