Cardboard Recycling Services

by Mundea

Cardboard Recycling Services

Cardboard recycling is one of the first and easiest steps towards a better waste management system. Aside from reducing your organization's environmental footprint, separating cardboard from your waste stream can drastically reduce costs and create valuable space in your trash area.

Cardboard takes up a lot of space in your bin, dumpster or compactor. Separating and flattening cardboard frees up space, reduces contamination and saves money.

Better Cardboard Recycling Methods

In Baltimore, Mundea uses two approaches towards cardboard recycling:

- Small businesses, such as bakeries, bars and restaurants, that are looking to reduce waste management costs and enhance waste diversion, may choose to put cardboard in another cardboard box ("a box within a box") and put it out on the designated Single Stream Recycling days.

- Larger organizations, such as hospitals, hotels, large restaurants, schools, colleges and universities and supermarkets may use Mundea's designated Cardboard Recycling System that allows for cardboard to be flattened and stored compactly until the scheduled cardboard collection day.

Enhanced Savings

Mundea offers Cardboard Recycling Collection Services to organizations looking for a simple and efficient way to improve their organization's recycling performance, achieve environmental compliance and reduce costs.

Mundea's Cardboard Recycling Collection Services are a simple and efficient way to dispose of your clean recyclable cardboard, which provides a cost-effective solution for you to manage your organization's cardboard and comply with local regulations and legislation. In the process, you reduce your environmental impact as well as the costs which you would face if your waste was disposed of together.

If you are interested in learning more about our Cardboard Recycling Collection Services, please feel free to Contact Us at Mundea.

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