Introducing Waste Management 3.0

Save money & save the environment


What we do

Small Business Waste Solutions

Mundea offers all-in-one waste management solutions for

compost, recyclables and residual waste.

Why Choose Us?

Save money 

Save the environment

Daily pick-up available




Compost fruit & vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, used paper napkins and paper towels.

Weekly pick-up available.


Recyclables such as office- and cardboard paper, glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

Daily pick-up available.

Residual Waste

Residual Waste such as plastic bags or wraps and other garbage that can not be recycled or composted.

Daily pick-up available.


How it works

1. Send us a copy of your current invoice

We analyze your invoice for potential optimizations and savings.

2. Switch waste management provider

On average, customers save 25% versus their current contract.

3. Enroll in our trash diversion programs

Recycling and composting are optional, but we make it as easy as possible by providing the first compost bin for free!


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