What Is Compostable?


What Is Compostable?

Compostable Items At Commercial Compost Facilities

Many of our customers ask what is compostable. Food? Food-Soiled Paper? Plants? Certified Compostable Materials? Yes, they are all compostable! A good rule of thumb is "If it once lived, it is compostable."

The compostable items are processed at a large-scale commercial compost facility where the compostable items are mixed with yard trimmings.

For example of "What Is Compostable", please see the list below:

Compostable Items:
  • All Food: fruits, vegetables, poultry, seafood, shellfish, bones, rice, beans, pasta, bakery items, cheese and eggshells
  • Food-Soiled Paper: paper towels, napkins, uncoated paper plates, tea bags, coffee grounds/filters
  • Plants: floral trimmings, tree trimmings, leaves, grass, brush and weeds
  • Certified Compostable Materials: compostable containers, utensils and cups
Non-Compostable Items:
  • Liquids, grease and cooking oil
  • Plastic or Styrofoam
  • Glass
  • Metal

If you have any additional questions on "What Is Compostable" or have any suggestions on what we should add, please feel free to reach out to us.

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