How It All Started

In 2019, Mundea conducted a city-wide questionnaire to see how waste management and waste diversion programs can be improved for businesses in the City of Baltimore.

The responses to the survey indicated that the incumbent waste management companies a) are often inconsistent, b) lack clear communication, and c) provide limited options to recycle and compost.

At the same time, businesses indicated that they want to go green by recycling and composting their waste.

Waste Management for Trash, Recycling and Compost

In 2019, Mundea started helping businesses in Fell’s Point save money on their waste management bill. For businesses that indicate interested to divert waste, Mundea implemented waste diversion programs such as recycling, composting and donating food to the Maryland Food Bank.

Realized Savings

Participating businesses reported average savings of $2,000 per year, improved service levels and/or enhanced waste diversion.

Mundea is a local company, which means that jobs and money are kept local and stay within the local community.

Blog Posts:

In the upcoming blog posts, we will add Case Studies on how businesses have set up their trash, recycling and/or compost program.

We will also provide information on what is recyclable, what is compostable and how to set up a trash area.

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