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Learn What Implementing a Compost Program Can Mean For Your Organization

Why Composting?

Composting allows organizations to reduce their environmental impact, optimize their internal process and reduce odors- and rodent issues.

The costs to compost are generally offset by lower trash hauling costs and a reduction in food waste. When combined with a food donations program, the program can even turn into a net benefit.

Weekly Compost Pickups

The compost pickup frequency is tailor-made for your business or organization depending on volume and available space.


Compost pickup can be arranged up to 3 times per week in the Baltimore metro area.

What Can Be Composted?

The general rule of thumb is:

"Everything that once lived, can be composted."

Food scraps, sea food, waxed paper, pizza boxes, certified compostable materials can all be composted.

Dedicated Support

Mundea provides a dedicated Account Manager who will help coordinate implementation and training of the compost program along with ongoing support.

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